About me

Hi!  My name is Nianest, but I go by Nia
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico
I speak two languages:  Spanish and English
I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 2010 with a BS in Biology/ Biomedical Sciences
I’ll start my Master in Public Health (MPH) this fall at the University of Texas School of Public Health
I like to travel, eat, and dance
I’m also interested in photography, and global health
The purpose of this blog is to document my sewing projects and track my progress


  1. Saludos, Nia!

    How exciting that you will be studying in my old state, Texas. I am so missing Texas at the moment. It's been raining and dreary in London and who knew that could affect a person's mood like it does.

    Anyhow, I saw that you followed my blog and I wanted to pay yours a visit. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

    Also, what part of Puerto Rico are you from? I was born in Brooklyn but my family hails from Mayaguez and Ponce.

  2. Hi Melizza!
    Yes I'm excited about moving there! I still have a month left in PR and I want to finish my fabric stash before I go.
    I saw your blog through The Coletterie blog. By the way your Hazel dress came out beautifully :)
    I was born in Mayaguez, but raised in Moca (still in the west part of the island)

    1. Thank you!

      I know this might be crazy but do you know any Alers in Mayaguez? I still have family there by that last name. I am looking forward to visiting them when I move back to the States. I haven't been to PR since I was 8! A visit is long overdue.

      Hope your trip to Texas goes well!