Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Colorful Skirt!

     Finally I finished this amazing skirt, after 4 years in my closet!  (Apparently, I don't mind having  unfinished businesses) The only thing the skirt was missing was the waistband, but I wasn't motivated enough to finished it.  One of the reasons was because I thought the skirt was too long, and I didn't know how to style it.
     However, last week I was finishing ALL my projects, and that's how I got to finish this colorful piece. And when I tried it on with a simple tank top I really like it.  I love the fabric, and because it has a lot orange color, it looks really nice on me.  Maybe it's because of my warm skin undertone.
     The skirt is asymmetric, with a lot of flare at the bottom. Perfect for salsa dancing! It is made from a very light weight fabric, I don't remember what type of fabric it is.  It is not high waisted, and it has a regular zipper on the back.

Yes, that's a rooster in the background, my rooster.  His name is Nutello.  I chose that name because I'm kind of addicted to Nutella, the hazelnut spread.  I love that stuff!

Olé, Olé!

¡Mi falda colorida!

     Después de 4 años logré terminar esta falda.  Lo único que me faltaba era la faja pero no me motivaba a terminarla.  En parte porque creía que era muy larga, y no sabía de qué manera usarla y combinarla con otras piezas.
     Sin embargo, la semana pasada estaba terminando TODOS mis proyectos de costura, y gracias a Dios por eso, porque logré terminar esta falda.  Cuando me la puse con una camiseta simple, me enamoré de ella.  Me encanta los colores de la tela, y creo que se me ve muy bien.
     La falda es asimétrica y tiene mucho volumen en la parte de abajo.  ¡Además es perfecta para bailar salsa! No me acuerdo qué tipo de tela utilicé, pero sí sé que era bien liviana.  La falda no llega a la cintura y tiene un zipper sencillo en la parte de atrás.


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    1. Thank you! It is a nice skirt. I can't believe I waited so long to finish it! :)